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Nunavut plant life - Travel Nunavut

Nunavut plant life

Some common Inuktitut terms for Nunavut plant life:

  • plantinuktitut-plantpiruqtuq
  • wild flowerinuktitut-wild-flowerpiruqtusajaq
  • berry plantinuktitut-berry-plantkallaquti
  • resinous fuel plantinuktitut-fuel-plantitsuti
  • grassinuktitut-grasspiitsaq
  • sedge inuktitut-sedgeivik
  • lichen (caribou moss)inuktitut-lichentingaujaq
  • green mossinuktitut-green-mossurjuk
  • white mossinuktitut-white-mossivissugaq
  • purple saxifrageinuktitut-saxifrageaupaluktunnguat
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